Dominic Watson

'Casual Fragrance' 


A dancing trio of Watsons


Campbell McConnell

'Holiday Worlds'


Online holiday discussions amidst cardboard sets


Emily Pope

'The Sitcom Show'


"I think I am ready to 'productively' lose it"

Rosa Johan Uddoh

'Performing Whitness 3: Private Life Drama'


"I am very superficial, I hate everything official"


Jemima Burrill


Clean pants via human saliva


Maz Murray


A portal has opened in Basildon​...

Wood and Harrison



The artists dodge a roving tennis ball cannon

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 12.02.24.png

Quilla Constance

'PR Blitz'

"Breaking News! Mylene's tits"


Joe Twinn

'School Makes Me Suicidal'

A reflection on the artist's time in art school


We hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we did. 

Thank you to the artists for participating in this list and for inspiring us over lock down! 

We are both artists making videos and performances which also explore themes of absurdity and performance to camera.

Rebecca Moss and Rosie Gibbens

Rebecca Davies 

'Mavis Davis Make Up Tutorials (on instagram)


"I've found people have likened my make-up skills to that of an architect"


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